Not only were there comment boxes and bulletin boards, there were a whole bunch of generators, including curser generators, mood generators and everything you could possibly think of to glamorize you page. Was there anything that Myspace couldn’t do? They could even provide video game sources on these pages. I bet if Myspace didn’t shut down, they could have provided Hamilton Towing Services for us too. Tom Anderson, you were the original social media king and they should have included you in the movie the social network. Maybe Justin Timberlake could have played your part instead.

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The Look

So this popular pre teen era was called the Xanga Stage. Every 11, 12 and 13 year old who had a computer and a camera participated in this activity we all know as Myspace. In order to pull off the perfect look in order to be popular on Myspace, I’ll take you through the look that everyone had to have. There were probably more than enough Tree Removal Companies that were in business from all the money these teens wasted on flash cameras and Jordan’s. After all, money does grow on trees because it’s made of paper.

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Lets talk about what had to be related and associated with your profile picture and music. It was the almighty layout backgrounds. We also have to talk about what your biography said and the unforgettable mood setting that was at the bottom of your profile picture. The mood sometimes would range from in love to frustrated. One time in my bio I wrote something like “I have been let down so many times. I don’t deserve this.” It was about how I danced with this guy I had a crush on at this dance and how he started dancing with another girl in the same night haha. Call a 24 hr tow company wichita ks to haul you out of that situation because we were all ready for our friends to reach out to us and give us compliments.

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One thing that was so unique about myspace is the music. If only every time we opened our Facebook page it played the song that we love at the time. It gave you your own identity, (or at least you thought you had your own). Although it would be cool, it would be so loud all the time if the Internet just played music whenever we opened it. It would be louder than a Fayetteville NC emergency towing vehicle screaming down the highway towards an accident. I still remember some of the 2007 hits I put on my page. Ron Pope- A drop in the Ocean was the main one for some reason. As if we were all heart broken at 12. Continue reading “Music”